Founder and Managing Director of 21c Consultancy, Julia completed her D.Phil. in International Relations at Oxford University, and has extensive experience working with public administrations across Europe to improve service delivery.  An internationally recognised expert on ICT trends in government, Dr. Glidden recently served as an expert advisor to the United Nations on its 2104 eGoverment Readiness Index and the European Commission on its new Horizon 2020 Initiative. Julia is actively involved the European Commission’s Smart City initiative, and used a recent keynote address at the Lithuanian eGovernment Ministerial Conference to showcase the collective impact of the Commission’s 2010-2013 Smart City Call.  She has authored numerous articles on eGovernment, including a Council of Europe sponsored volume on eParticipation and a forthcoming book chapter on Open Data and Smart Cities. 

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Recent results from Citadel-on-the-Move, a 4 million Euro project funded by the European Commission...