David Nalley

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South Carolina

David Nalley is an open source software contributor. He is currently largely contributing to the Fedora Project, and is or has worked in Ambassadors, marketing, Docs, infrastructure, packaging, and is currently serving a term as a member of the Fedora Board.
He currently is employed by Citrix, née Cloud.com, as the community manager for the CloudStack project, leaving behind a decade of being employed as a systems administrator.

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Event review: POSSCON matures

POSSCON, now in its third fourth year has both grown and matured. The Columbia, SC conference pulls in a number of great speakers, this year including Joe "Zonker" Brockmeier…

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There are non-tech/non-Linux folks reading a Red Hat website with the url opensource.com?
Perhaps I have sharply mis-judged the audience.

Really, this is a question?? Isn't it obvious??

The answer is 'root' :)