Authored Comments

The evil empire is always looking for ways to maintain control of every action committed by their employees, and in fact it really made me angry when I would have to sign a bunch of agreements and disclaimers that every idea I created belonged to the company. That's why I would rather work for free... it keeps the "trolls" at bay. It seems to me that doing things for the good of the community and the greater good of computer science as a whole is more important than the almighty dollar, and look at what we can accomplish as a collaborative effort, versus the "spy vs spy" methodology of money hungry corporations. I've come to terms with being poor and would rather be a poor, humble, computer scientist than a rich cubicle sheep who isn't even free to have their "own" scientific thoughts to be reused and applied in other areas.

It's about time that the "little people" like ourselves can ask questions in a somewhat live setting, although I'm sure the questions that are "aired" are limited to the ones that they want people to ask.