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Uppsala, Sweden

Kiko is a PhD student in programming languages and the main lecturer of the course Advanced Software Design at Uppsala University. He is also a core developer of the Encore programming language, has written research publications about concurrent and parallel data structures and has won two Best Paper awards and two Distinguished Artifact awards in his short (yet) academic career.

He is currently deciding whether to continue on academia or do industrial research. Feel free to reach him via twitter (@kikofernandez) or email (

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Hi, I am really concerned about privacy. Do you know if anything that I put in S3 from AWS (or any other service) is free from prying eyes? That is, that Amazon does not use bots to scan the content on S3. My feeling is no, because I do not think it is encrypted.

Another question, do you know of any service that is truly private? Do I manage the private keys or how does it work?

Thanks for the great article

Let me know if something doesn't work and I will try to find some time to help you