Kevin P. Fleming

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New York, USA

Kevin P. Fleming has 25+ years of programming experience, with every major programming language. Industry experience includes traditional client/server database applications, open source messaging and networking, and mainframe operating systems. Kevin's primary skill is producing solutions that use resources effectively through problem analysis and solution design.

A member of the worldwide open source community for nearly twenty years, Kevin most recently was the technical architect for the Asterisk and Asterisk Scalable Communications Framework open source communications projects.

Since late 2012, he has been the open source and open technology community coordinator at Bloomberg in New York. His role encompasses all forms of technology community engagement: open source software publication/contribution/consumption, conference sponsorship and presentations, standards body participation, and much more. He speaks regularly on subjects related to enterprise involvement in open source software, and advocates for college/university student engagement in open source projects of all kinds.

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I'm not sure I understand your question; installation of journal-brief doesn't install any configuration files, so there is no place to include any examples. Examples are provided in the documentation in the GitHub repository (and on the project page on

Hmm.. it seems that most of these are not listed on the Community Conference Calendar. Is that because the organizers have not suggested that their events be added?