Lemberg is mobile & Drupal development company with solid client base in the UK, Europe, and the USA.

We have proudly provided technology solutions for agencies, start-ups & innovative businesses since 2007. Throughout these years, we have gained a proven experience in: communication & social networking, travel & hospitality, healthcare, media & entertainment, e-publishing, e-learning etc.

Our approach is to be completely dedicated to each project we carry out with our clients. We dedicate ourselves to the ideas and strategies of our clients, striving to deliver solutions above and beyond what is expected of us and our portfolio showcases it in the best way.

The Lemberg team gives back to open source in mobile and web. We are deeply involved in the creation and maintenance of Drupal platform. Lemberg is proud creator of such open source projects as: Drupal 8 iOS & Android SDKs that will help you connect your Android/iOS native app with...