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By day I am Platform Solutions Manager at the e-learning company LEO, an industry leader in e-learning, mobile learning and learning management systems implementation. As head of profession for our platform solutions team, my role involves overseeing the technology solutions that we deliver to customers, which could be using commercial or open source products or something completely bespoke that we build from scratch. We do a lot of open source work using Moodle and are an official Moodle Partner, meaning we contribute 10% of our Moodle sales revenue back to the open source project.

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Really interesting article which I will share, thanks. It seems to assume the natural path of progression is for developers only. As a non developer working in open source I have been involved up to the bug reporter point, but then gone off in the direction of writing documentation, managing plugin development, organising community events, even writing a book. A project needs to attract a variety of roles to flourish so it would be an interesting exercise to extend this commitment model to non developer roles. The model is a great idea, I'm involved in a new open source project at learning so will forward this around the team!