Mace Moneta

Authored Comments

I've used the ESP8266 in several projects now. For those just getting started, I recommend the newer ESP-01S version. The differences are 1MB flash instead of 512KB, the blue LED is connected to GPIO2 (saves you a component in many projects that need an LED), better signal strength for more reliable WiFi, and the latest firmware preloaded.

After using several SBC (Raspberry Pi 1+2, Odroid C1, Linksprite PCDuino3 Nano), I ventured into the ESP8266. I was very impressed, not only with the functionality and ease of use, but by the functionality that you don't need to implement. For example, once your code connects to WiFi, the ESP will - without any additional code on your part - re-establish connectivity if it's lost.

It's an awesome device. The only downside is that I now want to put a WiFi interface on everything. If there's an IoT (actually LAN of things in my case) award, I nominate the ESP8266.