Martin is a jack of many trades. He started his Open Source career in the early 2000s as an active contributor to Debian GNU/Linux. He has been an active advocate of Open Source principles since then in numerous positions primarily in the areas of High Availability, Cloud Computing (OpenStack & Ceph) and process automation. He works as a journalist with a primary focus on Open Source software in his free time.

Authored Content

Scissors cutting open access to files

ownCloud VFS leverages Microsoft's cloud files API to make opening, modifying, and saving online files seamless.
clouds in the sky with blue pattern

The open source file sharing and syncing platform gets a total overhaul based on Go and Vue.js and eliminates the need for a database.
Digital images of a computer desktop

BlueSpice is based on Wikipedia's MediaWiki but its features go far beyond its noble ancestor.
Business woman on laptop sitting in front of window

BlueSpice, XWiki, and DokuWiki give you all the features of more popular knowledge-management software without the proprietary limitations.