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Linux user since 2009, stayed with Fedora ever since (and I like it!).
Interested in Open Source Way of doing things, sharing ideas and solutions. Focus on human aspects rather than bits & bytes. Favour nifty tools like markdown, newsbeuter and grep.
Learned the command line through breaking my system and annoying my house mates -- but also used CLI to get it running again ;-)

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To facilitate using ssh and sftp on your home network, you could assign fixed IP addresses for every box in your home and put a list of it in every /etc/hosts. Just copy-paste the same list.

This way you can contact another machine by using its name instead of a number. Here I even have a hosts file on my ssh-supporting smartphone, which is nice for file transfer but also for remotely updating or shutting down the family HTPC ;-)


at first maybe somewhat intimidating, but it works like a charm. plain email or reading html-mail with the use of lynx is no problem. using vim to compose and react sharpens my vim skills.

mutt is a different but necessary way to WYSIWYG mail. no hidden links to unknown or unwanted domains, just the plain email sent to you.