Authored Comments

I am talking about formal education.
Formal education must be done by authorized organisations and people.
Knowledge must be valuable to be learned.
Therefore I am against openeducation OER
Their quality is not insured by any one .
Plus I do not believe free things.
Beware they charge you from somewhere .

But I loved MITx and Harvardx model .
Knowledge comes from the source of accumulated valuable knowledge centers.
Plus it is at small fee due to technology they use. Cost to MITx is small so they charge also small . Plus since they charge project is sustainable . Thanks MITx and Harvardx

Well I caught Steve Carson whom I have known for more than 10 years now .
I met him in 2001 when MIT OCW came up .
I asked MIT at that time rather than OCW they should provide online classes to the world.
Now they did and a tremendous job.
May be as a strategy they started with OCW. Now 100,000,000 people know MIT due to OCW project. Therefore MITx has 100,000,000 ready captive customers.
I am an engineer. But I worked with online education for the last 17 years . I asked all colleges to go online. Now I do not . I was wrong.
A knowledge to be disseminated should be valuable enough to be disseminated.
Therefore I concluded online should be done by ONLY top schools of the world .
1.- Top schools can disseminate the top education
2.- They attract millions students
3.- Therefore cost per students becomes nill .
That is what MITx is doing now .
Since cost per person is nill they plan to charge also nill per course only for exams even. But still they will collect $ 10-20 billion a year if they charge only $ 10-20 per course.
Not bad. Target of MITx + Harvardx is 1 billion.
I do not like people to call MITx free. It is not free. But the cost is low therefore fee will be low too. That also means everybody can attend . Plus MITx provides a certificate as well.
To me as an employer as good as a credit from MIT . I hope MITx will provide degrees or some kind of diploma different than MIT .
Now the conclusion is
the world does need many online projects.
Just look up target of MITx + Harvard x is 1 billion.
There are only 200,000,000 university aged people in the world . So 1 online propgram is enough for the whole world .
Therefore I say if Stanford and Princeton and Berkeley join the club it will be fantastic .
Plus only 20 million Americans will attend but 980 million outside of USA will attend and 980 million people + their families will be indebted to USA due to the education USA provides.
USA will gain great respect in the world .
USA economy will prospare since jobs will be filled with skilled people of MITx and Harvardx .
I hope people understand all these