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I think I am more of a stayer. I have 5 distributions installed on different machines that serve as my drivers. I use the rotational method. I do keep two test rigs for distro-hopping because I like to see what is happening in flavor land.

That being said, I have used 3 of those 5 for over four years and recently added Modicia O.S. and Ubuntu Budgie to my production machine lineup. I am very impressed with MakuluLinux Flash and Core and they are being put through the paces.

My steady lineup is KDE Neon, openSUSE Argon, Deepin 15.x, Linux Mint Cinnamon and a dual-boot Modicia O.S. and Ubuntu Budgie. Desktop Linux has really come a long way these last few years and just keeps getting better. I can't deny there are some really great distro's and I often wish I had more laptops to run others I am impressed with. Fedora and Antergos, for example.

Great article. I am a musician and until fairly recently did all my recording with a custom setup and Windows. I am firmly in the Land of Linux now and have been experimenting with distributions from Ubuntu Studio, KXStudio to Fedora Jam.

Linux is a bit trickier to get things where you want them but I usually get quality results. Lately, I have been checking out Modicia O.S. and it's been very impressive from the interface to the out of the box optimizations that are in place upon booting.

Modicia O.S. comes already configured to provide the best results in most cases. That is something I generally have to do myself. All in all Modicia O.S. is very professional in concept and function and I recommend it for any multimedia production. The Xfce desktop environment is stunning and it has just about every needed software installed.

It is a newcomer on the scene but its developers are on point with this one.