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Alexander Mitnikov is a freelance translator interested in modern business and technology trends. His passion is software that helps entrepreneurs and freelancers like himself enhance their work processes. He is currently working at Ascensio Systems SIA, the developer of TeamLab - a productivity platform for businesses.

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Jacky, thank you for your comment and article evaluation. I totally agree with you. Vertical equality was never meant to be universal for every single issue a company is facing. It's all about having an opportunity to discuss the so-called "common issues" together, not about being obliged to do that. I don't mean to question the role of top management. I only wanted to point out that it's the regular workers whose opinion should be considered in some cases.

Vertical Equality is undoubtedly an indispensable principle. But if overused, it can damage the company. The problem you are talking about "employees in your company that don't know everything about what's going on" can be tackled by horizontal fraternity, namely a good collaboration tool. What I'm driving at is the fact that top management absolutely has to communicate with workers as much as possible, but some of the decisions still have to be made on their own, like implementing a monetization plan for instance.