Moin Shaikh

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I am an open source tech geek working as a Systems Analyst and Web Developer, having combined IT experience of over 12 years in web dev., design and analysis.
I co-founded a local Mozilla developer community - MozGuj (Mozilla Gujarat) in 2015 and actively managed it for 3 years as a community manager and developer evangelist for Mozilla and its opensource projects. I mentor young students at hackathons and help them understand and implement design thinking into their hackathon projects.

Apart from open source contributions, I spend time in reading, writing, and talking about all things Opensource, web development, UX design, eCommerce, accessibility, and emerging technologies.

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I look forward to contributing some open design stories covering UX design using open source and open community model.

Best wishes on the #BabyWatch.
(Hashtag credit @don-watkins)

Pretty interesting! Let's hope for the good luck and a win :)