Authored Comments

Awesome job! Keep this up. Do not be afraid to contribute and possibly even receive bad feedback. Bad feedback is better than no feedback at all. And often the bad feedback means you might learn something from the experience. I enjoy getting pull requests for even the things I put on GitHub. Will I question things? But I will always attempt to do it in a way that will not turn someone away. Sometimes however, someone who submits a pull request and is asked to explain something further will take offense. Possibly even just close the pull request. Do not do this! If you took the time to put the effort into the pull request, it meant something to you. If I ask a question, then your work is still valued but I need more context. But even sometimes it might be an attempt to get the other person to look at things different hoping to learn.

Oh the memories. Slackware in 95/96 for me from a cd ordered via magazine ad. Have been a Linux user ever since, even though I never did get X Windows to work correctly then!

Great article!