Authored Comments

Your comment confuses me. Most people with whom I spoke about colour schemes don't cite aesthetics as the first reason to switch to a dark one, but rather the problem of bright blinding lights at night. I can personally attest that such a reason drove me to use a dark theme for my terminal, GTK, and even as injected CSS in websites I frequent.

As for the detrimental effects of using a dark theme, which your comment implies to be some sort of eye strain, can you please cite some sources? I tried to do some of my own research (only reading abstracts as I don't have the time or the resources to access Ergonomics papers), and arrived at the following conclusions:

* excessive exposure to intense lights may cause eye strain
* light-on-dark may cause performance
and reading comprehension issues…
* or maybe not, but if you're going light-on-dark choose a background colour towards the blue, and make sure to use desaturated colours.
* or maybe the effects are negligible as long as you're not doing red-on-green.

If you have any sources to your claims I would love to read them, as I have gained a sudden interest in the subject.