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I'm a writer fascinated by the stories of people who are reshaping our world for the better.

I explore whether cultural values drive technological progress or if innovations shape our culture. This dynamic relationship reveals how societal needs influence technological developments, while also acknowledging how technology can reshape norms and behaviors. Through my writing I explore how these forces interact and shape our lives, sparking conversations about the ways technology impacts our perspectives.

I'm passionate about highlighting the work of innovators who are driving real change for good. Whether it's through groundbreaking inventions or cultural shifts, I celebrate those who are pushing boundaries and making a positive impact. I aim to engage readers in considering the profound questions surrounding innovation and societal change, encouraging us all to consider the future we want to create together.

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Good to see importance being attributed to empathy and listening in the context of marketing.

Thanks for the article. I really like the way GitHub helps the user to understand quickly who is doing what and how often, it's easy to track activity.