Nuri Gocay

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Detroit, MI

Nuri installed his first Linux install (Slackware) in the late 90s on his 75 Mhz Packard Bell (tying up his house phone line for hours at a time), and has since had a love for open source. In his day job, he helps run the technology operations for a global contact center operation, and has spent many years designing commercial and OSS versions of contact center software (the time he helped mash Asterisk into some Cisco products was a particularly good time!) He is a two-year running Convention Chair of Penguicon, a Detroit-based amalgam of Open Source Software and Nerdy Geek Interests, and enjoys putting management he's learned in the corporate world into helping a community-based organization thrive.

In his spare time, Nuri loves traveling, and has just filled up his first passport. This summer, he'll be headed to Japan and South Korea. He's also a vegetarian, a runner, a DJ, a musician, a Burner, a voiceover artist, and loves to get involved in projects to make his life more interesting.

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