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Austin, Texas

Patrick is the creator of the Fixie .NET test framework and a contributor to the Visual Studio Test Platform. He is a Principal Consultant at Headspring, where he leads training and mentorship programs for developers early in their careers.

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That would go a long way towards adoption, especially as .NET Core motivates more and more traditionally Windows-based developers to use other platforms for their primary development environment. It has posed a bit of an intimidating obstacle to date, though. A *minimal* path appears to be recently possible in the sense that you can make a R#/Rider plugin that mostly-delegates the work to the existing Visual Studio Test Explorer runner, but even then you need to buy into the whole tech stack of JetBrains plugins, so even a minimial plugin would have a pretty hefty learning curve. I don't want to overpromise, but I do intend to take a pass at it around the time Fixie v3 is close to a release.