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Pune, India

I like to describe myself as a developer in her alpha phase. I am an Open Source enthusiast who likes to hangout with geeks, drink loads of coffee and spend more than fifteen hours of her day infront of a black terminal. I am a Mozilla advocate who has a sword ready, anytime you say anything wrong about any of the Mozilla projects or products. Other than long argruments with people, I also like to spend time, helping new contributors get started with their Open Source contribution. I also do have a full time job! I work as a Technical Writer at Red Hat and am currently based out of Pune. A writer by profession, a developer by passion. Working on several different Open Source projects are things that I do as hobby.

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I like Fedora for two reasons...first, its the most updated Linux distro. I like working on the latest versions of all upstream projects and that is what I mostly get with Fedora. Secondly, being at Red Hat, I am lucky to be surrounded by so many Fedora contributors and developers. Hanging around this active community keeps me updated on Fedora's future features and keeps me motivated.

I am not much of a graphics person but for my day to day work, I mostly use Inkscape and GIMP. If you need more specifics on these, let me know and I will try connecting you to some awesome designers I know of, who have been using Open Source tools for designing...for years.