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Maxim Stewart has been using FOSS for roughly 6+ years now and has loved every minute of it. FOSS has given him the freedom to explore and question how things work and as such, it has given him skills in the fields of troubleshooting, programming, and IT to improve the world one byte at a time. He has striven to share his knowledge through platforms such as Youtube,, and elsewhere. Furthermore, he is the maintainer of a fledgling OS called Sol-OS (NOT Solus) which aims to be lightweight and feature packed. It has also served as a means to improve his programming skills in Java, C++, Javascript, Bash, and other languages.

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Very cool read! In my Python projects I've been committed to Gtk ever since moving over to Linux so never desired interoperability. But, should I need something like that this seems awesome.

So, as someone who's written his own file manager, I really like the idea of '2. Contextual actions'. Might consider adding it! =D Though, mine is written with Python and Gtk 3.