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Open source programmers understand the value of freedom; the idea of "freedom of speech" and supporting licenses such as the GPL are the basis of thousands of successful…

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Drupal runs this lovely site.

Hi Luis,

I'm glad the project inspires you!

I'm sure it's possible to 3D print braille, but there are already embossing machines that put braille on paper. Furthermore, the modern way to read braille seems to be using one of the machines that Eunah Choi is holding in the video. That what she uses, in any case, to read music and text. So creating the physical representation of braille music isn't the biggest problem that needs solving. The problem is content.

Imagine that you're a blind pianist, and you can get around the keyboard just as well as someone who can see (this is completely realistic). You want to attend a music competition to further your career, but the list of required pieces includes music that has no braille score. Guess what? You're out. You can't even attend the competition.

We want to solve the problem by not only adding 50,000 new content titles to the repertoire, but by making an easy-to-use service for converting any future MuseScore or MusicXML scores into braille. But we need people's financial support or we won't be able to do the engineering needed.

That's why we've got a cool Kickstarter where you can pre-order CDs of the Well-Tempered Clavier, order a Braille embossed artwork, dedicate a Prelude or Fugue to someone you love, and even get a live concert performed for you.