Authored Comments

As an open source solutions company we spent many hours evaluating open source financial software to see if they met our needs. We got as far as installing quite a few packages but rejected them all in favour of xTuple. We really only use xTuple for financials and not as a full blown ERP solution (which it is) primarily because we don't need full ERP. However, I can thoroughly recommend the software (qt & PostgreSQL based, fully cross platform), the company behind it (from CEO Ned Lilly, who has even been to see us in London, down) and the community. If you are EU based, there's some fun to be had setting up VAT but once sorted, it works well.

Please note: we do not resell xTuple or gain any profit from it - we're just very happy users.

I have a client who only reads email (c 2,000 messages a month). But he only reads email of less than about 200 characters. To get him to read more than 200 characters in your message you have to be a lawyer. So why bother with email? Because he has a permanent trail.

I hate one line emails - especially the email that contains a single word "Fine" or "OK". Another waste of time - doubly more so when it's a reply to one of my emails containing 2 or more questions/requests. I'd have done better to have sent a set of IM's but unless the thread was synchronous I'd have been hosed there too!

I have a cell phone that does not distinguish between SMS messages, jabber messages, Skype messages or Twitter DM's. I just get a message. None are strictly private. I just get a message. I archive everyone. (Before you ask, it's an open source phone that isn't from Google).

I write internal blog posts to my team about projects. I then email everyone involved to tell them to read it...

What I'm saying is, "horses for courses".

What I'm also saying is "archive the lot before someone uses your messages against you".