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Entrepreneur, marketer and open source solutions provider.
Sachin is the founder, director of Ashnik, based in Singapore. Ashnik provides open source IT solutions around infrastructure, cloud and social media for enterprises.
Sachin brings rich experience in building businesses. Has worked in IT industry for over 25 years and has provided solutions to Banking, Telecom and Government sectors. Has played a major role in establishing Red Hat and open source business in India. Has been invited to speak on open source and its growth in many public fora such as Linux Asia, Dataquest, NASSCOM, CNBC etc. Has worked closely with Central and local Governments to help them adopt opensource.
Sachin has deep interest in understanding human minds. He is always looking for ways to harness human potential and becoming better person.

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It feels very good that this kind of savings has happened by use of open source software.

However, the story sounds like flogging an old horse. The survey report that is quoted and on which the story is based is dated September 2009. The large scale cases mentioned here LIC, NIA - the adoption of Red Hat Enterprise Linux based servers and desktop (many variants of Linux) has happened in 2003- 2005 period. ( I was personally involved in many of these transactions when they happened till 2007)

So I don't understand what purpose this story serves in end 2012.

Since 2005 or even after 2009, many other organisations and many other departments have adopted open source based software in India.

It would have been better to bring out the innovative ways organisations have adopted open source software for delivering key projects in Government departments.