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Great article Marc!

I just want to point out that "smtpd_tls_security_level=may" does not enforce TLS encryption.

Unfortunately there's still no guarantees that all the servers through which our messages will pass are safe (even if they use encryption), so at the moment the only way to stay confidential is end-to-end encryption (such as GPG, S/MIME, etc.).

Also, for private users I would suggest Let's Encrypt free certificates that nowadays are trusted by the majority of clients.

Hi Seth, let me start by saying that I really appreciate your writings!
I'm a really avid user of Emacsen, starting with the bundled MicroEMACS (as it was spelled) on Amiga OS 2.0 in early '90s.
Non-extensible Emacsen are usually called "Ersatz Emacs", nowadays my favourite is "mg" that stands for micro GNU Emacs: packages are available on many distros albeit my favourite fork is since it focuses on portability and compatibility with GNU Emacs (I also maintain a Slackbuild for that, compiled size is ~180 kB with -Os).