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Salim Badakhchani | Certified I.T. professional, with over 20 years of experience, specialising in the banking and telecommunications industry. Passionate supporter of Community Software developed under Free and Open Source (FOSS) licenses and an early adopter and advocate of those technologies. Strong all rounder with broad industry experience spanning development and operations. Expert in defining process, documenting work flow, identifying best practice and developing tooling for automation.

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Good work mate! See you in Prague.

To address your first point I agree that the distinction can be blurred at an individual level but in general terms I think its a safe bet to say people tend to organise into groups based on their professions when it comes to business. As an I.T. contractor, having run my own business for 10 years, I understand what your saying but I would still identify as an engineer rather than a businessman. Buy I don't see why this is relevant to the core message.

Regarding your second point I have to say its becoming a little Cliché for me to hear this argument. People say it about others but never provide any evidence that it is the case. I also happen to think that paranoid people are beyond my help. We have to reach out to those we can help.

Your third point is perhaps the most valid but I disagree with you based on the anecdotal evidence that I have encountered. You see the waters are already muddy. That is why we got such a positive response from the people we spoke to. I think its worth re-iterating that the target audience for this change was for small to medium sized business leaders working in non English speaking international markets. They have so far been very keen to use the term as it does the opposite of what you suggest.

Thanks for your comments.