Greg Soper

Authored Comments

Great article Grant and some smart insights. Here's at the SuiteCRM project we have many of the same experiences particularly on the value of consulting in helping to develop product strategies. In short, it's invaluable. We develop features directly relating to the things our customers ask for. Frequently our customers assist in that by paying for the development and donating the code if it doesn't impinge on their competitive advantage. It's encouraging that more and more customers understand that "we all float higher on a rising tide".

You've done it again!!

You do your reputation no good by publishing a Yearbook as a guide to what's best in open source that states "SugarCRM is the 800-pound gorilla in the open source customer relationship management space"

Any business looking for an open source CRM needs to better served than this. SugarCRM announced in 2013 that they were no longer in the business of open source.

The original article attracted quite a bit of flaming pointing out the foolishness of positioning SugarCRM as a viable product. Yet you persist publishing information that is outdated and does open source's reputation harm.

"Want an open source CRM? Here's one that is based on outdated technologies, is not being updated and is out of support in the next few months."

Gee, thanks