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Hi folks,
I have been enjoying using Linux ubuntu 18.04 bionic beaver, it was only recently that I started seriously learning about linux environment and the terminal.

So, my trick that I would to share probably not really a trick is more like when I first started experimenting with installing a package or a piece of software using the terminal, I knew I am suppose to use the:
$> apt-get install [here is name of the software I would like to install]

However, I remember getting an error about unable to acess some file or location or something of that sort.

So I kept scratching my head, but then after a quick online search I realized I need to use the keyword "sudo" in the command, so i should have typed it as follows instead:
$> sudo apt-get install [name of software to install]

Once I clicked enter key on my keyboard, I get prompted to enter a password, this part was a bit confusing to me too, I kept entering my own linux user login password, and it kept failing prompting me that the password is incorrect, gosh!! And I kept doubting my own sanity at that moment, eventually I had remembered that during my linux installation experience that I did come across a screen asking me to input some sort of password for something called 'root". Anyhow, it turned out that the password I am suppose to enter into the terminal was the so called "root password".

So there you go. That was one of my earliest learning experiences with Linux terminal. It has been a joyride learning about doing stuff through the terminal .

Best wishes to everyone