Steve Schmid

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Adelaide, Australia

Stephen Schmid is General Manager of the Open Technology Foundation (OTF). He is located at the Carnegie Mellon University campus in South Australia.
Schmid earned his Bachelor of Computer Science from the University of South Australia and his Master of Science in Information and Technology (MSIT) from Carnegie Mellon University – Australia.
Schmid has extensive experience in commercial and public sector environments having worked as an ICT consultant nationally and internationally, and as a public speaker on IT in Australia and the Asia Pacific region. Prior to the OTF, Schmid was the Director of the SA Government ICT Division.
Schmid is a graduate of the Australian Institute of Company Directors and has successfully patented multiple technology inventions whilst working in the private sector.
Schmid’s current interests include open technologies, social networking, eGovernment and models for co-creation as a means for governments to embark on new challenges.

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