Australia and New Zealand governments launch open technology initiative

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The Open Technology Foundation (OTF) is a collaborative initiative that delivers results through a close relationship between the government sector, information and communications technology (ICT) industry, and academia across Australia and New Zealand. It will be a conduit to other similar peak bodies internationally where open technologies supported by local industry are mainstream in their public sectors. There is a wealth of knowledge and experiences which can be shared with us and vice-versa–"a global sharing alliance."

Six government jurisdictions currently form the interim board, including Department of Defence, Bureau of Meteorology, South Australia government, and New Zealand government. This will continue to grow as the OTF becomes an established, recognized peak body to support the entire government sector of Australia and New Zealand in the uptake of open technologies, standards, and methods.

OTF has industry support, including Google, Red Hat, and HP, who all sponsor many initiatives globally focused on openness in ICT through collaboration with local ICT industry.

OTF is working with academia to build a compelling academic alliance that will undertake our priority research in partnership with other institutions in other continents.

What is the Open Technology Foundation (OTF)?

The OTF is an important initiative that will accelerate the roll-out of Gov 2.0, eHealth initiatives, and the ability of all tiers of government to leverage the new opportunities arising from the deployment of high speed broadband platforms. Open platforms should underpin open government and citizen centric initiatives–it makes sense.

Carnegie Mellon University, through its Australia campus, took a lead role in establishing the OTF and continue to support the open agenda of governments.

Senator Kate Lundy will be launching the Open Technology Foundation with its chairperson, Dr. Terry Cutler, from Old Parliament House, on Wednesday, September 14 at 10:30 a.m. Australian Eastern Standard Time (00:30 UTC).

Watch the launch online.  A short registration is required. Try password: open

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Stephen Schmid is General Manager of the Open Technology Foundation (OTF). He is located at the Carnegie Mellon University campus in South Australia. Schmid earned his Bachelor of Computer Science from the University of South Australia and his Master of Science in Information and Technology (MSIT) from Carnegie Mellon University – Australia.

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This is a great initiative and the benefits are measurable.

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