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Steven Ovadia writes, which features The Linux Setup, interviews with desktop Linux users. He is an academic librarian who writes about how users interact with information in an online context for assorted Library Science journals. He is the author of Learn Linux in a Month of Lunches. You can see all of his publications at

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Just let your people do their jobs

I don't read many management books, but I was very curious to read Jim Whitehurst's The Open Organization because there's a lot corporate America (and academia) can learn from…

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Collaboration is hard! You make your own choices, but to a certain extent, you're stuck with the choices made by others.

Unfortunately, I didn't have the space to explore the history of Linux and its licensing. However, if you're interested in that sort of thing, I recommend Decoding Liberation (, a fantastic book about the politics and economics of free and open source software. It's an incredible book.