Tirthajyoti Sarkar

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Tirthajyoti Sarkar
Sunnyvale, CA

Dr. Tirthajyoti Sarkar lives and works in the San Francisco Bay area as a senior technologist in the semiconductor domain, where he applies cutting-edge data science/machine learning techniques for design automation and predictive analytics.

He contributes to open source software and writes regularly on various topics in data science, machine learning, and programming in top online platforms. He is also developing courseware on data wrangling and machine learning with leading publishing agencies and technical education providers.

Tirthajyoti holds a Ph.D. from the University of Illinois and certifications in Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning from Stanford and MIT and is working toward an MS Degree in Computational Analytics from Georgia Tech.

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A good list to try. Tkinter is most popular I guess?

Depending on the goal of the programmer (whether (s)he wants to build app for mobile, server, web, or embedded), the popularity changes a lot. The IEEE Spectrum article has a nice breakup by that.

Thanks for creating this poll here Jen!