Software Engineer, Technology Enthusiast, Photographer.

Hi, I'm a software engineer passionately building software since 20+ years. My experience in software development goes from personal pet projects to mission-critical enterprise applications for the likes of MasterCard, Citibank, Qualcomm or Bank of America.

Die-hard programmer, coach and mentor striving for simple, concise, elegant and performant code and great software architectures. Big fan of Martin Fowler and E.W. Dijkstra. Always eager to share the experience by writing tech stories, coaching and training at work, in tech talks and meetups.

I work as independent consultant, based in Europe. I help kick-start projects, introduce teams to good programming practices, help refactor legacy codebases, help safely steer through fads, fashions and trends of IT

In my free time I enjoy B&W photography and repairing vintage film cameras, electric guitar, hiking, cycling and swimming.


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