Ignacio González Muniz

Authored Comments

Great article, Steven. Definetly a must-have for research. IMHO, Zotero stand-alone client is the perfect tool when powered by open access resources. Let's foster open science!

Fundamental legal and technological devices have made possible a commons-based peer production model and its ever-growing achievements. The output of such a model are several cultural products (not only code) which, among other things, have made knowledge accessible to everyone, besides lowering business costs. Focus is usually on the product and whenever the process gets attention, it is mostly on the community as an effective productive engine. But, as David rightly stated, the true value of the whole lies in people and the relationships they establish. Yet going deeper, I would argue that the core value lies in the willingness to share in every single individual involved. That common attribute, empowered by a non-authoritarian, decentralized, inclusive community practice is, above all, the source of our open success. Thank you, David, for letting us remember what we should never forget. Mother was right: sharing is what counts.