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Grenoble, France

Community manager at Hyland. Founder of Une Jolie Musique, a not for profit studio using open source and open source based software only to record music and produce videos. I also teach and advise on open source, and write tutorials. Involved in various Open Source and Free Software projects and communities for many years. Ubuntu Studio co-founder.

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A good alternative to Jira: Tuleap.

For those interested about software for audio, video and graphics, I wrote an article about that:…

Hello, interesting question.
The point is not that it would be forbidden to install CUPS or the Apache web server on GNU/Linux. But it could be impossible to ship it by default with the installer of a GNU/Linux distribution in GPL.
However, I am not lawyer, so this is a very interesting question for the OSI of the FSF, about licenses incompatibilities and copyright. I would love to have a detailed answer.