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Same old song. My wife was using a laptop (yes, that other OS) for her email, web surfing, a few games, etc., and began complaining that it would lock up once in a while. I was about to go on a trip, so I put a folding table beside her computer desk and put a fairly nice Linux Mint computer I was setting up for myself so she could use it while I was gone. Showed her a game or two and that was about it. It wasn't that other OS and she had no experience with Linux, so I knew I had better fix her computer when I got home.

A week later, I was back and was ready to see the problem with her computer. Before I got to it, she asked, "When are you going to get that old computer off my desk so you can put MY NEW COMPUTER on it?" If you are male and have been married more than about six weeks, you already know how this ends.

I like that you are working toward meeting the needs of specific users. What I'm missing is the "feel" of the keyboard. Some of us who type a great deal have specific preferences and needs; some have not found a good alternative to the buckling spring keys. You'll find us haunting garage sales and the Goodwill stores looking for IBM keyboards from 1994.

Have you given any thought to this aspect of keyboard design?