Authored Comments

Your recent post of the games on the linux machine are great.They are handy.These are best suited for computer engineers in this age of huge information handling problem.There was a time when these games were enjoyable and had no side effects.But today the complexity has increased.A human is not able to cope up with all this.As far as optimization and health is concerned these are best as these don't put too much load and are tolerable as well as help in learning and development.Iam also developing a health app and power monitoring app.

Till now i have been using basic programming languages.After doing some projects , I found some things not working according to what these should have worked.I also examined other software projects also.These worked very well for the tasks they were set to work like data input , data change , data deletion and also generated good reports that can be called fair from working point of view.All these lacked some thing. I am now exploring the possibility of the new suggestion , the Go language.I have not tried it fully yet but iam curious to do certain things in it.It will take time as software development is not as easy at the advance or higher level than the basic level.The reasons are software ,hardware and memory limitations.For a small project which uses a small data set all is well , but for large dataset projects ,firstly language selection is important,secondly performance is important.Through out my carrier as a student of computer science and lateron as a developer ,teacher more can be done.