Wade Hampton

Authored Comments

I would also include use of open source technologies for web access and the use of open source technologies in schools. Also include open, non-encumbered data formats.

Governments MUST provide open and accessible data to their citizens in formats that we the citizens can access, process, and utilize. Often information or data provided by governments is closed, restricted, or requires proprietary software to access (even WORD documents).

I have seen acceptable use statements here in Virginia where you could be suspended for downloading software, altering computer data or software, removing computer data. So broad as to include someone in Elementary school copying a file to a floppy or USB stick.

I have also seen similar statements about not downloading or copying anything. No discussion about open source, creative commons, or fair use.

The message they receive is one-dimensional and it keeps saying piracy -- which is NOT violating copyright -- do the Somali pirates attack with guns or make illegal copies of DVDs?