Without Feathers

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Open source isn't (or shouldn't be) just about software anymore. Great to have a resource for promoting the princibles of open source to the rest of the world.

I work for a company that prides itself on its ability to recruit and develop creative talent, yet I'm frustrated on a daily basis that we do so little here to support collaboration among those talented people.

The collaboration revolution could exceed the internet and personal computing revolutions in importance if we can just get the fires lit in the right places.

What am I doing sitting here waiting for someone else to start lighting fires? I'm officially inspired. I'm going to get the ball rolling here right now. I'll report back on my progress.

What is "Open Source" in general: <em>Collaboration, Participation</em> and <em>Collegial approach to solving problems</em>. That's what opensource.com should be.

This is the industrial revolution of the decade.