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As OpenStack has continued to mature and move from the first stages of adoption to use in production clouds, the focus of the OpenStack community has shifted as well, with more focus than ever on integrating OpenStack with other infrastructure projects. Today's cloud architects and engineers need to be familiar with a wide range of projects and how they might be of use in their data center, and OpenStack is often the glue stitching the different pieces together.

Keeping up with everything you need to know can be tough. Fortunately, learning new skills is made a little easier by the large number of resources available to help you. Along with project documentation, support from your vendors and the community at large, printed books and other publications, and certification and training programs, there are many wonderful community-created resources as well.

Every month we share some of the best OpenStack-related content we come across, from guides and tutorials to deep-dives and technical notes. Have a look at what we found this month.

  • Security is always important in cloud applications, but sometimes security protocols require conformance to certain exact specifications. In this guide on how to build security hardened images with volumes, learn how to take advantage of changes introduced in the Queens release of OpenStack which allow for using volumes for your images, giving you greater flexibility when resizing filesystems.

  • Real-time systems impose certain operating constraints, including determinism and guaranteed performance levels, which have been historically difficult to find in the cloud. This guide to deploying real-time OpenStack shows you how recent feature additions in Nova can allow for real-time applications in an OpenStack environment. While focused on CentOS and DevStack, with a few modifications this tutorial could be used on other installation profiles as well.

  • The rapid pace of development with OpenStack means an entirely new release becomes available every six months. But in a production environment running mission-critical systems, upgrading at that pace can be difficult. One approach to dealing with this issue is allowing for quick upgrades across multiple releases of OpenStack at a time. TripleO fast-forward upgrades allow this possibility, and this guide will walk you through a rough demo of how it works.

  • Have you wanted to try out the recently open sourced AWX, which is the upstream of Ansible Tower, for managing Ansible projects? You're in luck. Here is a simple guide to deploying AWX to an OpenStack RDO cloud.

  • Finally this month, in case you missed it, earlier this month we ran a great tutorial for getting started with Gnocchi. Gnocchi is a tool which enables indexing and storage of time series data, and purpose-built for large-scale environments like clouds. While now cloud-agnostic, Gnocchi is commonly installed with OpenStack to manage logging and metrics needs.

Thanks for checking out this month's roundup. If you'd like to learn more, take a look back at our entire collection of OpenStack guides, how-tos, and tutorials with more than three years of community-made content. Did we leave out a great guide or tutorial that you found? Let us know in the comments below, and we'll consider putting it in our next edition.

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