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and old computer and a new computer, representing migration to new software or hardware

Repurpose an outdated computer to browse the internet and watch videos on your big screen TV.
Penguin driving a car

Learn how Linux drivers work and how to use them.
kids in a classroom learning about Raspberry Pi programming

WordPress is a popular open source blogging platform and content management system (CMS). It's easy...
Image of spider web

Create your own short links with Apache HTTP server's mod_rewrite feature.
Computer keyboard typing

Learn how to install and configure DevPI in this helpful tutorial..
Yellow arrows going both ways with texture

Let's explore Git branching and why and how it is used.
raspberry pi inside a makeup compact

Learn how to build a simple camera from a Raspberry Pi Zero, an HD webcam, and an empty makeup...
spiderweb diagram

Today marks the release of OpenStack's seventeenth release, Queens . After a 26-week release...