45 ways to stay out of trouble this holiday season (an article wish list)

Wishing you a fun holiday season and a Happy New Year!
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7 tech advent calendars for the holiday season

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On behalf of the Opensource.com editorial team, we wish you a fun holiday season and a Happy New Year!

If you're taking time off over the holiday break and worried about what you'll do with your free time, we've got a list of 45 article ideas for 2018. If you're interested in writing or know someone who'd be the perfect fit, email us at open@opensource.com to get started. Also, take a look at our Tips and Guides for Writers.

45 ways to stay out of trouble this holiday season 

(aka an article wish list)

  1. I made the X rookie Linux mistakes so you don't have to
  2. How to choose a laptop for Linux
  3. How to choose an open source database for your next project
  4. How to work with printers in Linux
  5. How to set up the ultimate Linux media center
  6. Open source alternatives to Tableau
  7. Top X 3D modeling tools
  8. Top X 3D printing tools
  9. Top X Blender video tutorials
  10. Top X computer vision libraries for Python
  11. Top X cryptography libraries for Python
  12. Top X Firefox extensions
  13. Top X GIMP tutorials
  14. Top X git addons
  15. Top X honeypots for conducting security tests
  16. Top X image manipulation tools for Python
  17. Top X Inkscape tutorials
  18. Top X natural language processing tools for Python
  19. Top X Node.js resources
  20. Top X open source alternatives to iTunes
  21. Top X open source Android backup tools
  22. Top X open source Android browsers
  23. Top X open source Android calendaring tools
  24. Top X open source Android contact managers
  25. Top X open source Android educational apps
  26. Top X open source Android email clients
  27. Top X open source Android mobile messenging tools
  28. Top X open source Android photo managers
  29. Top X open source Android social media tools
  30. Top X open source Android weather apps
  31. Top X open source antivirus tools
  32. Top X open source astronomy tools
  33. Top x open source bitcoin wallets
  34. Top X open source BitTorrent clients
  35. Top X open source chemistry tools
  36. Top X open source Chrome extensions
  37. Top X open source Firefox extensions
  38. Top X open source math / calculator tricks
  39. Top X open source plugins for Chrome
  40. Top X open source Python frameworks for Y
  41. Top X open source telephony tools
  42. Top X open source webcam tools
  43. Top X tips and tricks for Apache web server
  44. Top X unicode resources for developers
  45. Top X ways to get started with big data
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