Top 5 articles of the week for February 17

Top 5: Dropping GPL license usage, a quick intro to tmux, and more

Top 5 articles of the week on
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In this week's Top 5, I highlight dropping GPL license usage, sample data for apps with the tool Elizabeth, a tale of a brief career in open source, a muscian's journey from distro to distro, and a quick intro to tmux.

Top 5 articles of the week

5. A quick introduction to tmux

Jason Baker shows readers how to manage application windows in the terminal just like you would in a desktop window manager, with tmux.

4. A musician's transition from distro to distro

The author's first encounter with computers was in 1980, then 18 years later he read the largest book he ever owned, Linux Undercover.

3. Lessons from a brief career in open source

In this personal account on one man's Linux journey, follow Jeff's in-direct trajectory of various career choices that led him to a brief career in open source.

2. Generate random data for your applications with Elizabeth​

This tool is for developers who need sample data for their applications. Learn more about it from D Ruth Bavousett.

1. The decline of GPL?

Why has GPL license usage dropped dramatically? Jono Bacon proposes the change is due to increased growth in open source in business, and a nervousness around the GPL in the commercial world.

Honorable mention

Free as in puppy: The hidden costs of free software

"Free as in puppy" software means there's still a lot of work and expenses that go into its daily care. Learn more about the common ways software costs to sneak in.

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