12 ways to maintain your existing community: How do you deal with difficult conversations?

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Help us collect community knowledge by blogging about the weekly community management theme. Blog posts are due the following Thursday after each new theme is announced. Next week's challenge is Difficult Conversations.

Check out ways to recruit new community members in week #1 blogging challenge.

Next week's theme: Difficult Conversations

What do you do to turn around difficult conversations and make them productive for the community and the project? What's the single best tip you learned for dealing with difficult conversations online and how did you learn it? How do you convince your manager to let you contribute to open source? How do you convince your company to contribute to an open source software project? How do you tell a really eager contributor that what they want to do is not right for the project? How do you tell a new contributor that their contribution isn’t good quality?

Get your blog post included in next week’s roundup by tagging your post with #osscommunities on Twitter by next Thursday, April 27.

Blog posts for theme #2: Maintaining existing community

Last week we asked people to tell us how they maintain existing community and we got some great answers back. Learn why not to meet in person, how to create low-hanging fruit, how to test the health of your community and debate whether community managers should sit in engineering or marketing.



Dangers of in-person meetings for an existing community by Karsten Wade

"Every evangelist of yesteryear is now a Community Manager..." by Stephen Walli‏

Maintainers vs Community by Mikeal Rogers

Encouraging New Contributors in Lima, Peru by Julita Inca

The Low Hanging Fruits of Open Source to Kick-off Your Open Source Contribution Journey! by Moin Shaikh‏

Growing a Contributor Base: Speed Matters by Josh Berkus

Maintaining Community with Clear Goals" by Brian Bouterse of the Pulp Project‏

3 things community managers can learn from the 50 state strategy by Dave Neary‏

Community Managers Sit Everywhere. Should They? by Brian Exelbierd of the Red Hat Community blog

Online Communities Meeting Face to Face by Amye Scavarda

Why do we have to travel so much when we have video conferencing? by Stormy Peters

10 ways community managers make sure projects are healthy. What do you think? by Stormy Peters

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Stormy Peters leads the Community Leads team at Red Hat. Stormy is passionate about open source software and educates companies and communities on how open source software is changing the software industry. She is a compelling speaker who engages her audiences during and after her presentations.

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