The preview for June

One entertaining series, two special anniversaries, and more in June

The preview for June preview for June
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Ah, June. A month of springing flowers and gardens over here in the United States, and possibly also for you wherever you are. If not, I'll send you some right now.


Dandelion bouquet

We tend to like dandelions at Dandelion Vicious, Flickr. CC BY-SA 2.0

Our editorial outlook seems to have taken on a similar appearance.


Popping up this month is a series around "open source for entertainment," including projects for home automation and working with movies and videos.


We'll celebrate a couple of important birthdays: the GPLv3 turns license turns 10 and the 1.0 release of GIMP turns 19! 

Share your experiences with them with us in the comments or on social media.

The Open Org

Tomorrow is a big day for the open organization community at the launch of the long-awaited Guide to IT Culture Change, the fifth book in the Open Organization book series.

Be sure to join us on June 2 for the book's official launch to grab your own copy of the free eBook.

Also in June, Open Org Ambassador Allison Matlack explains why open leaders are more powerful than they think, DeLisa Alexander continues her series on scaling open cultures, and Justin Holmes explores the power of impact mapping techniques for teams looking to work openly.

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