What was your first programming language?

What was your first programming language?

Everyone has to start somewhere. Where did your programming journey begin?

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Which language did you learn first?

Whether you first learned to program in a classroom setting, on the job, or by teaching yourself, everyone who has contributed code to an open source project has a story of how they first picked up programming. And no matter if you still use it today, your first language played an important role in shaping your understanding of computer systems.

So which language did you begin with?

We know we can't possibly list every language that people might have gotten their start on. So if we missed your first language, let us know what it was in the comments, and if we start to see a lot of votes gravitating around a particular choice, we'll consider adding it as an option in the poll above.

And if you aren't yet a programmer, that's okay! Coding is a rewarding experience, even if you don't make it your full-time vocation, but there are plenty of ways to contribute to open source projects without knowing a thing about programming that are just as valuable as contributing source code.

But for those who are coders, we want to know: Where did you get your start?

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