Are you a Linux, Raspberry Pi, or open source gamer? Top reads of the year

Gaming for Linux, Raspberry Pi, and open source: Top reads of the year

11 articles for your gaming pleasure, with a dash of game development.

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It's been a good year for gaming and Linux. For one thing, it's become much easier to play proprietary games on Linux in recent years, but open source gaming has also seen many advances, thanks in part to a retro gaming renaissance. If you are a gamer and an open source advocate,'s top 11 gaming articles of 2018 (listed below) will help you enjoy your games and support open source at the same time.

If fun is your goal, you might want to start with our six-part series that looked at some of the best, most polished open source games in various genres. It covered 30 games, so there is plenty of variety. We also published two great articles about retro gaming on a Raspberry Pi. One explores five different ways to use a Raspberry Pi to play retro games, and the other explains how to set up RetroPie on Raspberry Pi for retro gaming.

Maybe you are more interested in making your own games. If that is the case, we have a few articles that will give you the tools to do that. One uses the Scratch visual programming language, and the other uses Twine and SugarCube. If you are looking for even more ways to support your game-development hobby, our article on gaming graphics and music offers tools you can add to your workflow.

Whether you are looking for something to entertain yourself over the holidays or want to build up your game-development skills in the new year,'s top 11 gaming articles of 2018 are sure to have something that should pique your interest.

11 best gaming articles of 2018

Arcade games

We kick off a new series on open source games for Linux. Next up: board and card games, puzzles, RPGs, and more.
A die with rainbow color background

These popular games offer a rich, satisfying gaming experience for open source enthusiasts.
Puzzle pieces

Test your strategic skills with these fun, accessible puzzles.
Penguin driving a car with a yellow background

Fulfill your need for speed with these five open source racing games.
A die with rainbow color background

Adopt a new identity and explore new dimensions with these open role-playing games.
Arcade games

Challenge your strategic skills and explore new worlds with these five open source games.
Neon colorized Raspberry Pi cluster with LEGOs

Are you nostalgic for the glory days of retro gaming? Learn how to run retro games on the Raspberry Pi.
Arcade games

Relive the golden age of gaming with these open source platforms for Raspberry Pi.
Scratch for gaming

"Make a Difference" is a simulation game created entirely from open source tools, code, and audio-visual content.
Gaming artifacts with joystick, GameBoy, paddle

Learn how to get started with the open source tool Twine and versatile multimedia library SugarCube.
open source button on keyboard

To build a playable game in just three days, you need good, fast, reliable tools.

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