16 essentials for sysadmin superheroes

We've rounded up a complete list of our favorite go-to sysadmin tips and tricks.
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You know you're a sysadmin if you are either knee-deep in system logs, constantly handling user errors, or carving out time to document it all along the way. Yesterday was Sysadmin Appreciation Day and we want to give a big "thank you" to our favorite IT pros. We've pulled together the ultimate list of tasks, resources, tools, commands, and guides to help you become a sysadmin superhero.


What exactly does a system administrator do? The answer may vary depending on a company's size and needs. Some organizations have different sysadmins specializing in networking, testing, or system upgrades. There are also spin-off roles of the traditional sysadmin such as a system designer or site reliability engineer. However, sysadmins generally have knowledge around platforms, security, recovery, and of course, documentation. Here are a few articles that help articulate the roles and responsibilities of a sysadmin.

What you need to know to be a sysadmin

Sysadmin vs SRE: What's the difference?

System administrator responsibilities: 9 critical tasks

8 interesting sysadmin positions on the job market


Whether you are new to the field or are a sysadmin veteran, lifelong learning is always important. These assets will help broaden your skillset and enhance your network. 

10 resources every sysadmin should know about

9 people for sysadmins to follow on Twitter

7 valuable programming languages for sysadmins

Frameworks and tools

Learn how to optimize your organization's continuous integration and continuous delivery strategy or improve infrastructure performance with this sysadmin tool round-up.

7 CI/CD tools for sysadmins

7 infrastructure performance and scaling tools you should be using

7 open source platforms to get started with serverless computing


From top to tail, any Linux sysadmin will want to bookmark these tips for life both on and off the command line.

20 Linux commands for sysadmins

Graphically manage SSH keys with Seahorse

How to use grep


Find out how to best use Security-Enhanced Linux (SELinux), get the basics on containers, and automate common tasks with these handy sysadmin guides.

A sysadmin's guide to SELinux: 42 answers to the big questions

A sysadmin's guide to containers

Ansible Automation for SysAdmins

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