Writing Kubernetes controllers the wrong way is still useful

At SCaLE 17, sysadmin Chris McEniry explains a unique approach to managing etcd controllers.
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When you try to shoehorn an idea, approach, or code into a situation that's not expecting it, you get surprising and fun results.

In his Lightning Talk at the 17th annual Southern California Linux Expo (SCaLE 17x), "Writing Kubernetes controllers 'the wrong way' is still useful," sysadmin Chris McEniry shares his experience with an out-of-cluster etcd-controller.

Watch Chris' Lightning Talk to learn more about managing etcd controllers and living to tell the tale.

During the UpSCALE Lightning Talks hosted by Opensource.com at the 17th annual Southern California Linux Expo (SCaLE 17x) in March 2019, five presenters shared quick takes on interesting open source topics, projects, and ideas. Watch all of the 2019 UpSCALE Lightning Talks on the Opensource.com YouTube channel.

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