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Google donated its Kubernetes platform for running containerized workloads to the Cloud Native Computing Foundation in 2015. Since then, it has attracted developers from the open source community around the world. Learn more in What is Kubernetes?

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KubeEdge is a workload framework for edge computing.
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Find and fix errors in your Helm charts and Kubernetes configuration files with KubeLinter.
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Review the top five Kubernetes articles of 2020, then preview three tools you should learn about in 2021.
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Resource quotas prevent resource contention and "land grabs" by controlling how much CPU or memory an application can consume.
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Containers are everywhere, and they've radically changed the IT landscape. What do you need to know about them?
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Automation is not only good for IT, it's also beneficial to your company's bottom line.
Ships at sea on the web

Use Jobs and CronJobs to control and manage Kubernetes pods and containers.
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Updating your environment to Terraform 0.12 is not for the faint of heart, but this how-to will make it less painful.