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Google donated its Kubernetes platform for running containerized workloads to the Cloud Native Computing Foundation in 2015. Since then, it has attracted developers from the open source community around the world. Learn more in What is Kubernetes?

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Start exploring kubectl, containers, pods, and more, then download our free cheat sheet so you always have the key commands at your fingertips.
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The Quarkus framework is considered the rising star for Kubernetes-native Java.
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SigNoz helps developers start meeting their observability goals quickly and with minimum effort.
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Load balancing distributes resources to where they're needed most at that moment.
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Service mesh provides benefits for development and operations in microservices environments.
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If you have a small amount of time, you can make a big difference in open source.
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Knative eventing is a way to create, send, and verify events in your cloud-native environment.
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Namespaces provide basic building blocks of access control for applications, users, or groups of users.